Commercial Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft for commercial flights.

For future professional pilots, the Commercial Pilot License is the first fundamental step for the aviation career.

Privileges of Private Pilot Licence

The holder of a CPL may act, as pilot-in-command or Co-Pilot of any aircraft engaged in revenue flights for which his License is endorsed.

Before carrying passenger, the Licence holder shall have a Passenger Rating.


Flying Experience

Integrated Course

Flight training course of CPL shall comprise of 150 hours. Duration of the course is 18 months, starting from the issue of SPL.

Modular Course

Flight training of CPL shall comprise of 200 hours. There is no time limit for this course; however the student pilot must have flown 10 hours in the 3 months preceding the issue of CPL.

Theoretical Knowledge

The Student Pilots, while undergoing the training for the issue of CPL has to prepare for 6 PCAA exams. Student shall undergo ground training in the following subjects: