Air Eagle Aviation Academy's (AEAA) primary mission is to prepare Aviation Professionals for future.

Students receive qualified instructions from licensed instructors who teach real world experience. AEAA offers courses for individuals who wish to become professional pilots. Students wishing to work for a commercial airliner or general aviation are ideal candidates for our pilot program. Students entering the program will learn through ground school and flight hours.

Highly qualified Aviation Maintenance, Avionics and Professional Pilot instructors add experience to the highest level of instruction. Emphasis is placed on the student's mastery of career-related skills and builds self-confidence for entry into the industry upon graduation.

To gain a place on the course it's necessary to complete an assessment test at AEAA.

The assessmentis designed to test candidates:

If successful in completing the assessment to the necessary standard then applicants are welcomed to join the Course, with new courses starting approximately once a month.