Welcome Message

Welcome to Air Eagle Aviation Academy. A project of Shaheen Foundation, PAF. Through this Website we will give you detailed information on all Air Eagle Aviation Academy pilot courses, our facilities, and also provide you with information on admissions, courses, and other student related areas that we hope will be helpful to you.

At Air Eagle we have combined the culture, discipline and excitement of aviation to ensure that you experience a dynamic, unique and rewarding environment from the first day of your course work. Our training philosophy is to provide you with not just the "stick and rudder" skills of an experienced airman, but the ability to make complex decisions, which will set you apart from those trained under traditional flight training principles. We are able to complete this task by using not only the latest in teaching methods utilized by the world's leading flying schools, but through our commitment to you to stay current and validate our curricula on a constant basis.

I invite and urge you to review this website in detail and see the many opportunities you have in the aviation sector. By joining Air Eagle Aviation Academy, you will be making a valuable investment, which will fulfill your dreams to become a professional or private pilot. You will have the real opportunity to experience the excitement of flying in the open sky and join this exclusive community.

We look forward to welcoming you in person to Air Eagle Aviation Academy.

Chief Executive Officer